Rehoboth Beach

For those seeking a true beach town getaway, Rebohoth Beach is the perfect place. Renowned for its gorgeous beaches, wooden boardwalk, range of dining and wonderful, eclectic shopping along Rebohoth Avenue, Rebohoth draws guests from all over the country looking for a charming, relaxing beach town experience. Rehoboth beach has been written about for years as one of America’s quirkiest and most amazing places. With many gay business owners and visitors throughout the year, Rehoboth Beach offers a combination of flair and extraordinary charm the few others can match.

Come to Rehoboth Beach for the funky Sea Witch Festival, the Autumn Jazz Festival or its Independent Film Festival. Come for sightseeing of its sites listed on the National Register of Historic places. Come for the getaway that will feed your sense of adventure and offer a fun like you’ve never had before.